Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today, DH offered to take me to a closing down sale at a major bookstore about half an hour's drive away from us. I yielded instantly to temptation and we spent about an hour and a half browsing.

It was utterly chaotic. The shop was well-staffed, most of them were standing around doing little and had allowed the stock which remained to have become utterly disorganised.
It was utterly impossible to find anything as all fiction and non-fiction were hopelessly jumbled. On one shelf, self-help books jostled next to gardening, sex manuals, foreign language textbooks and children's books.

I know the shop is closing down, but common sense would dictate that you would sell far more books if they were kept in broadly accurate categories of fiction and non-fiction at the very least..........

I did manage to get a few gems, at 50% discount, so that made the trip worthwhile. My DH deserves a medal :-)
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Athanasia said...

Elizabeth, I am glad to hear that you are on the mend and that it was Providential the gallbladder was removed.

Yes, give your husband a medal for taking you shopping for books. That medicine is better than any painkiller I know of!

Memory eternal for your Godmother.

Steve Robinson said...

book sale... oh my.

elizabeth said...

sigh. I LOVE books too. :) Happy to hear you found a great sale; it is sad when stores and selling and get run down...

Loved the book reviews! You find such neat books - and the Snail one sounds perfect for those living in France who are from else where.

My love and small prayers.