Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just Finished

Amo, amas, amat is a delight. A whistle-stop tour of Latin grammar, interspersed with anecdotes and political/social commentary given Latin tags. This is my second reading of this newly acquired book :-)

I loved this one. Full of useful insights into surviving life in France and understanding the French. Negotiating cafes, the French medical system, working in France - all are covered.
Needless to say, much emphasis is placed on the necessity of learning the correct pronunication of key French phrases in order to avoid utter disaster. To mispronounce "Merci beaucoup" means you have not said "Thank you very much", but instead "Thanks, beautiful a*se".
Not a mistake you want to make if your are trying to make friends or influence people.......

I really enjoyed the last book very much indeed. It is so all-encompassing that my initial impression is one of being rather overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of knowledge it contains.
How India has changed over the last fifty years is an utterly fascinating subject, but the author's perceptions of how Western life has changed in tandem are also enlightening.

The uneasy relationship between Christianity in India and the Sikh, Muslim and Hindu religions is explored in depth, and although some of the authors' Anglican views sit rather uneasily on Orthodox ears, much of what he has to say is valid and fruitful.

The section on political economy is of particular interest, which rather surprised me as I was quite prepared to simply skim over that part :-)

More books will follow shortly :-)
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Ian Climacus said...

Wow. Plenty of reading there: and in recent posts. Particularly interested in "Talk to the Snail": sound wondrous.