Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am feeling sorry for myself. I have a miserable streaming cold.
I hate colds.

We have now had ten days of utterly glorious weather, which has been most enjoyable after the pitiful excuse for a summer we have endured.

Prayers coveted for the DoomHamster, who is having a lot of worrying and painful ongoing dental problems that her current dentist seems to be unable to redress, despite her having spent quite a lot of money, so I am arranging for her to see our home dentist ASAP to get it sorted.

I finally sat through however many tedious hours of the final Lord of the Rings film. I reduced DH to hysterics by commenting rather sourly at one point that the ending would have been much improved by Sam throwing *Frodo and the Ring* into Mount Doom.....

I really love the LOTR books, and have done since I was a teenager, but I found the casting of the film to be very random and rather disappointing, though the setting and special effects were spectacular.

I have such vivid pictures in my mind of what I think they all looked like,and the film was so much at variance with how I had imagined my favourite characters to look that I really didn't enjoy it as a whole.

Having said that, Christopher Lee was great, I adored Legolas , Smeagol and Gandalf, but Elrond was nowhere near like I had imagined him and I didn't like the dwarves. Aragorn should have been at least a foot taller, too !

Just don't start me off on what I thought of Frodo. The keyboard might self-combust.
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Athanasia said...

I had to laugh at your words dear Elizabeth because I understand exactly how you feel. When I first saw the movie "Gone with the Wind" I was sooooooooo disappointed! No one was how I had imagined them!

Our imaginations are much better served without movies!

Laura said...

I hope you feel better! And I hope Doomhamster's dental issues are soon sorted out.

I didn't like that the Hobbits were portrayed as being young in the movies...other than that, I liked them...

Laura said...

Hi Liz: Sorry your feeling a bit under the weather. We had a mini-hurricane over this weekend. Rain, rain, rain go away. Dismal day but warmer. I enjoyed the movie, still can see the trees walking to rescue, what imagination. Your post is enjoyable and I've added it to my list of blog on my page. Hang in there, nothing lasts forever. Laura

DebD said...

Elizabeth - I see we're visiting each other's blogs at the same time! LOL

I *so* agree with you about LOTR. I really disliked the movies - especially the long eyes romance - blah! I thought Aragorn should have been uglier too. Okay, don't get me started.

I hope you're feeling better soon.