Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Celtic Morning Prayer

This was posted recently on a mailing list, and it is well worth sharing !


A Morning Prayer

May we walk in prosperity in this day of light
In the power of the most high God, greatest of the Gods,
In a manner pleasing to Christ,
In the light of the Holy Spirit,
In the faith of the patriarchs,
In the merits of the prophets,
In the peace of the apostles,
In the joy of the angels,
In the splendour of the saints,
In the works of monks,
In the power of the just,
In the martyrdom of the martyrs,
In the chastity of the virgins,
In the wisdom of God,
In much patience,
In abstinence of flesh,
In continence of tongue,
In abundance of peace,
In praise of the Trinity,
With our senses alert,
With constant good works,
With the spiritual realities,
With divine conversation,
With blessings,
In these things is the journey of all labouring for Christ
who leads his saints after death into eternal joy,
That I may hear the voice of the angels praising God
and saying Holy, Holy, Holy.

Source: The Latin original can be found in The Prayer Book of
Aedeluald the Bishop commonly called The Book of Cerne, edited by Dom
A. Kuypers, (Cambridge, 1902), 91-2.


The translation is from Gordon Mursell, English Spirituality: From
Earliest Times to 1700 (Westminster, 2001), 46-7.
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