Monday, February 27, 2012

The Research Virtuoso

 Toronto Public Library

Annick Press, 2012

Attractively illustrated and clearly laid out, this is a great study guide. It teaches the basics of research for preparing a presentation or essay on any topic. Nothing is assumed or taken for granted; it is a common-sense, step by step guide which tells you exactly what you need to know clearly and succinctly, with plenty of humour. In many ways, the rise of the Internet has made a plethora of information and misinformation available to the unsuspecting reader/researcher, and this books shows the reader how to weigh up and assess the merits of information gained from libraries, archives and the internet.

Bloom's taxonomy of learning is used as the base and there are check lists for the reader to use to make sure all important areas have been covered when preparing an essay. How to use a library effectively, as well as efficient methods of

taking notes, organising and writing material and the advantages of saving materials in the "cloud" for easy access and retrieval are discussed as well as keeping focused to avoid getting sidetracked and swamped . The importance of avoiding infringing copyright and plagiarism are covered, and this useful book teaches a truly essential life skill. It is suitable for young people and adults alike, and I found it helpful and informative.

Highly recommended.
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