Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Woes

It has been another long, hard week. Mum continues to deteriorate steadily, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Today, she was only able to bear sitting on a chair for 45 minutes, before the discomfort drove her back to lie gratefully in her bed :-(
DH and I took the little ones up to see her, and DD4 especially was very distressed to see her beloved Nanny in such discomfort, even after taking her painkillers.

 I don't honestly know if it will be wise to take the girls up there again whilst Mum is unable to avoid vocalising her discomfort so constantly and obviously; I have tried to explain to them as best I can about my mother's disinhibition in expressing even quite minor discomfort. DD3 was able to understand this quite well at 13; DD4 less so at age 9.

Mum is actually on enormous doses of painkillers and her pain levels aren't as severe as the sounds make them appear to be; Mum is able to be distracted from vocalising her discomfort, and we were able to do that today by watching a TV programme with her, and she very soon stopped groaning, and started chatting about the programme until she felt too uncomfortable to sit up any longer, and I walked her back the short distance to her bed before leaving her to rest, and taking the children back home.

I need to phone the hospital in the morning to see if we can arrange an ambulance to take her to hospital on Thursday for her cataract operation to take place, as she is definitely not steady enough on her feet to be transported by car.
Prayers for Thursday will be much appreciated, and also for my dear friend Mary's husband Ray, who is also having an operation on that date.
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DebD said...

I'm so sorry Elizabeth. I understand the distress of watching loved ones dealing with pain. Lord have mercy on us all.

Prayers for you mum this week.

elizabeth said...

This is not easy. Hugs. Prayers; keep us posted...