Thursday, May 06, 2010

Election Day

Today is polling day for our General Election to choose which party will form the next Government.

DH and I have been agonising long and anxiously as to how we should most profitably cast our votes. He has just been down to vote; I am still deciding. I have not asked him for whom he voted.There is no one automatically "right" party in my view, rather a case of choosing the lesser of two evils, but no matter what we choose, there are no guarantees of improvement in the nightmare which is modern Britain. 

I would really rather like to still be able to be a Christian in an increasingly anti-Christian country, so I don't think I will be voting Labour. :-)
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Bb said...

I hope you were able to work out how to vote in the end.

It wasn't that difficult for me. The positives of my preferred party outweighes those of the others. My main problem, therefore, was with the negatives. Once I examined the policies of the main parties on the issues that caused me most concern and realised that they were largely identical, I saw that my vote wouldn't have any worse consequences regardless of which party I voted for, so it then became a matter of whether the local candidates agreed with those policies. I did ask about a week or so ago but I imagine they're very busy, so in the absence of any reply, I had to decide based purely on the positives of the parties. I have a reasonably clear conscience at the end of it.

elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy on our countries...

Anonymous said...