Friday, December 29, 2006

A Knock At The Door

We were amazed when a policeman came knocking at our door this evening. This is a very rare event in our sleepy little town.

Apparently a house two doors away from ours was the subject of an attempted burglary earlier this evening, and the police were circulating a description of the man disturbed in the act.

We have carefully checked our security and the dog will be allowed to roam free downstairs each night, but DH goes back to working away for part of each week starting next week, and I am feeling very vulnerable at the thought of being alone with the small fry.

Prayers for the safety of all the residents of our area would be very much appreciated.
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Anonymous said...

Christ is born!

Prayers for you all ascending from Down Under.

DebD said...

Prayers going up. Hope all are safe.

Anonymous said...


You and your family are in my prayers.