Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Stitches In Time

Stitches In Time

By Suzanne Woods Fisher

Published by Revell, 2019

 In this story (book 2 in 'The Deacon's family' series) the now reformed ne'er-do-well Luke Schrock is newly married. Imagine his absolute horror when he is selected by lot to be his community's new Deacon!

Trying to come to terms with being a responsible adult, newly married, renovating his and Izzy's home, running a business and then having to take on a huge amount of extra work involved as a Deacon means that he has much less time to spend with his beloved Izzy.

 Izzy is breaking her heart as month after month, she does not become pregnant, and Luke is spending less and less time at home with her as he deals with problems amongst the families. She struggles to convey her sadness and Luke fails to understand her silences or her concerns as they slowly learn the complexities and sacrifices involved in married life. 

Luke is also determined to fulfill his promise to his late friend and mentor Amos to help empty the County's Foster Homes; when the chance comes up to temporarily re-home girls from their area's  Home, he somehow manages to rustle up people willing to help.  Chief among them is their new schoolteacher, Mollie Graber, whose enthusiasm and can-do spirit is nearly broken by the two wild sisters entrusted to her care. Izzy, however,  holds back from engaging or interacting with any of the Englisch girls added to their community and it takes a long time for her to warm to quiet Cassidy who loves Izzy's sheep and her yarn shop...Can they help each other?

I absolutely loved this story and read it twice in quick succession; I am so looking forward to the third story due next year! The characters are truly engaging and believable.

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a digital copy via NetGalley to read in exchange for my honest opinions and review.

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