Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Night Sky: Stargazing With The Naked Eye

Night Sky: Stargazing With The Naked Eye

By Robert Harvey

Published by Amber Books, 14th November 2019

Only one word will describe this book: Wow.

Robert Harvey believes very passionately that looking at the night sky with the naked eye is part of our cultural heritage throughout millennia, no matter where in the world we live. 

People have always gazed up at the night sky in awe, reverence and delight at the beauty of the stars and the moon, and it is only in recent generations that people who live in large towns and cities are being deprived of this joy by light pollution. 

It is, however, still possible to stargaze with a little planning. Many erroneously believe you need a telescope or pair of binoculars to stargaze, but that is not the case. All of the photos (bar the one of a nebula) have been taken using the author's naked eyes, a digital camera and a tripod, and what a delight the photos are. Stars, the moon, a few of the planets, annular and partial eclipses of the moon, the Milky Way, the Northern Lights are just a few of the things which can be easily observed even by the novice stargazer.

 The book is helpfully divided into regions so you can easily see what it is possible to observe in Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, Africa and the Middle/Far East.  Many famous and quite a few lesser-known landmarks are included, so the photographs cover places many will have some knowledge of from their own region, which adds to the attraction of the book.

This is definitely a book I will be buying.

Many thanks to the Publisher for making a copy of this available via NetGalley for me to read and review.

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