Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The Christmas Remedy

The Christmas Remedy
By Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall
Published by WaterBrook, 2018

Holly Zook is a rarity in the Amish world: a young woman who works in an Englischer pharmacy who is being allowed by her Bishop to study in order to take exams to extend her role, which will benefit the local and extended Amish community who use the business as an important means of information and healthcare.

Her employer, Lyle Greene, is approaching retirement age and willing to bend over backwards to help all those who visit the pharmacy, which is run on old-fashioned values of trust, respect, care and consideration. He is incredibly fond of Holly, and sadly somewhat distanced from his son Brandon who is himself studying to become a pharmacist and is about to take final exams.  When Lyle collapses at work and has a stroke, Brandon returns to help his father, but is horrified to find the business is making little money and being run in such an old-fashioned way. He is full of ideas, which Lyle is reluctant to espouse, and it soon becomes apparent that someone is working to undermine Lyle and the pharmacy as much as possible.

Who could it be?
Can Brandon overcome his prejudices about Holly to help his father, and can Holly put the past behind her to reignite her relationship with her friend Joshua Smucker?

This is a delightful Christmas novella, and I am still baffled how I managed to miss it last year when it was first published.
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