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Conquering Type 2 Diabetes

Conquering Type 2 Diabetes

By Richard Shaw

Published by Hammersmith Books, 19 February 2019

Richard was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, most definitely overweight and with a poor diet high in sugar and carbs. He dutifully attended medical appointments, took his prescribed medications, but it was only when he had an eye health scare that he made the conscious decision to improve his health.

He chose to follow the Banting diet, reducing his sugar and carbohydrate intake in favour of  increasing protein, fats, nuts and non-root vegetables. His health did not just improve dramatically, losing 31 kg, but he managed to significantly lower all the biochemical markers of Type 2 diabetes (which is traditionally held to be chronic, progressively degenerative and certainly irreversible) to a non-diabetic level.

This is not a "I am right, doctors are wrong" book, neither is it in favour of jumping on any particular  bandwagon that rolls along and catches your fancy. He is careful to stress that you should not abandon any prescribed medications and that you need to keep your GP/Consultant  aware of your lifestyle and diet changes and for your health to continue to be monitored carefully. He documents medical research and studies which he found of particular interest so the reader can explore the information and incorporate it into a planned change of diet.

Richard provides meal plans and forty recipes suitable for the low carb/high fat diet he chose to follow, along with lots of helpful general advice about exercise, water consumption, dietary modifications, getting into routines, apps and websites that may be of use to the reader too.

He is keen to stress that this worked for him, and the Banting diet - or variations of it - have worked for many people across the world, but it is not a guarantee of completely reversing Type 2 Diabetes for everyone. It will help to improve health, and that can only be a good thing.

This is an easy, quick and engaging read, and is full of useful advice even for those who  are not diabetic. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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