Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Just Read: To Raise the Fallen

To Raise the Fallen: 
A Selection of the War Letters, Prayers and Spiritual Writings of Fr Willie Doyle S.J.
Complied and Edited by Patrick Kenny.
Published by Veritas Publications, 2017

I enjoy reading about WW1 in general, and was delighted to know this book had been published. There is a wonderful website by the same author about the heroic and saintly Fr Willie Doyle, covering his life and exploits in the First World War, but this book is rather more sober in content and repays slow and careful reading.

How a pious young lad who loved practical jokes but suffered ill-health ended up being accepted at seminary, being ordained and then saving many physical lives as well as countless spiritual ones by his priestly ministrations is inspirational indeed, and to read his own words about his spiritual life and how he tried to emulate Christ so closely is a privilege.
Many thanks to Patrick Kenny for the website and for this lovely little volume!
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