Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Anna's Healing

Anna's Healing

By Vannetta Chapman

Published by Harvest House, October 1st 2015

Anna Schwartz has struggled to find her place within her own community and has moved to Cody's Creek, Oklahoma, to spend time with her Mammi, uncle and aunt.  While minding their family produce stall, she makes the acquaintance of a reporter named Chloe Roberts and the two women quickly strike up a lively and interesting friendship.

Jacob Graber is a wandering labourer, a hard worker, who never stays long anywhere. Chance and the harvest bring him to Anna's family's farm, and he is there on the fateful day when a tornado strikes and causes the accident which renders Anna paraplegic.

It is traumatic and life-changing for all of them, but just when things are starting to settle and everyone is adjusting to this new life, Anna is suddenly healed. Completely, utterly healed - yet life  does not return to normal but instead changes dramatically for all of them once again, to their surprise and dismay....

One of the things I like so much about Vannetta Chapman's characters is that they are memorable. Some writers of Amish fiction produce characters which are of a remarkable "sameness" and that certainly cannot be said about the people in this book, who are lively, loving and utterly memorable, especially Anna's beloved grandmother.

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Vannetta Chapman said...

Thank you for your review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Anna's story!

elizabeth said...

oh! that sounds really good, you really review books well! thank you dear friend!