Thursday, July 30, 2015

Reading For Fun

A significant portion of my reading is done for review purposes, but I have also been doing a lot of reading purely for fun over the last few weeks. 

Just in case you are wondering what I have been enjoying, these are all highly recommended :-)

The Chronicles of St Mary’s series by Jodi Taylor. The staff at St Mary's Institute for Historical research are historians, researchers and scientists and support staff devoted to investigating historical events. It should be made perfectly clear from the outset that they do not do ‘time-travel’. 
Indeed not. They merely ‘investigate major historical events in contemporary time’.  So, top secret, high-tech time travel it is.....

 The series starts with Just One Damned Thing After Another, in which we meet Max and watch her exploring Norman London, World War One, get to grips with dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period and rescue books from the fire which engulfs the Great Library of Alexandria.

Book Two, A Symphony Of Echoes, sees the team have a perilously close shave with utter annihilation when they meet Jack The Ripper, witness the brutal murder of Thomas a Becket at Canterbury Cathedral, make the acquaintance of dodos and discover there are time-travelling enemies hell-bent on destroying the work of St Mary's.

Book Three, A Second Chance, investigates whether Isaac Newton was as clever as he was cracked up to be, a jump back to the Cretaceous period once more, the Battle of Agincourt and the only marginally less violent cheese rolling competition in Gloucester before Max's life changes forever when her long awaited trip to Troy goes horrifyingly wrong....

I absolutely loved these books - very clever, brilliantly complex plots and believable characters. I have three more to read :-D
 I haven't included the covers as the books are being re-issued this summer with brand new covers; for further information see Jodi's booksite.

The Spider Shepherd series by Steven Leather

Starting with Hard Landing, in which we meet Dan 'Spider' Shepherd, an ex-SAS soldier turned undercover cop, who goes on a perilous undercover mission inside a prison to find out just how a drugs baron is managing his empire while behind bars. 

When Spider's wife Sue is killed in a traffic accident, Dan is faced with being a single parent and an undercover cop - not an easy combination.

 The series is a long one, but so far I have completed Soft Target, Cold Kill, Hot Blood and Dead Men, and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them.
 Nail-biting, gripping the edge of your seat thriller/detective books, and my current bedtime reading!

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