Monday, June 30, 2014

A Mother's Secret

A Mother's Secret

(Book 2 in the Hearts Of The Lancaster Grand Hotel series)

By Amy Clipston

Published by Zondervan, June 3rd, 2014

Carolyn Lapp is a young single Amish mother; her overbearing brother still looks on her as an embarrassment and shame to their extended family and her son Benjamin is a vulnerable teenager being bullied  and set up by his cousins.

When Benjamin seems to get into trouble with a lonely Amish horse breeder named Joshua and has to spend time working for him as recompense, his employer and his mother are thrown into close proximity and all Amos Lapp's plans to find a suitable older widower to agree to a marriage of convenience with his sister seem to go sadly awry, as do those of Joshua's interfering mother Barbie, who is desperate to see Joshua safely married to a girl of her choosing.

 As is to be expected, we run into characters from the first book in the series and find that Hannah, her son and one of her twin daughters are all adjusting well to their new life in the Englisch world - but will she ever be able to salvage her relationship with her one daughter who chose to remain Amish and live with her Amish grandparents?

This is an unusual tale and the feisty and fiery Carolyn certainly is not your typical Amish main character.  The ending was a little predictable and I did wonder how likely it would be that the formidable Amos and Barbie would so meekly turn tail when confronted by Carolyn and Joshua respectively, but it was still a very enjoyable read, with hints of interesting possible plot twists for book 3 in the series!

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