Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Zombie Film: From White Zombie to World War Z

The Zombie Film: From White Zombie to World War Z

By Alain Silver & James Ursini

Published by Applause Theatre & Cinema Books

April 17th, 2014

This is an absolute "must have" book for anyone who has an interest in the history and production of films in general or of zombie films in particular.

The authors are well-known for their many collaborative works about a variety of genres, especially film noir, vampire, horror and gangster movies, and despite its ghoulish topic, this book is a revelation from start to finish.  The role of the zombie in folklore, culture, literature and history is examined from its roots in West Africa and Haiti, before starting to assess the place of zombie films in cinematography. I knew about the 1932 film "The Mummy", starring the mummified Egyptian King Imhotep, which was a precursor to the zombie genre, but the first true zombie film was called "White Zombie" and was also produced in 1932 - much, much earlier than I would have ever guessed.

Fully illustrated throughout, including movie stills, cinema posters, paintings, drawings and sketches from a variety of sources including manga, anime and comic books, zombie operas, video games and mash-ups, this book pulls together a wide-ranging history of zombie portrayals to produce a superb resource for media students, cinema students and film fans alike.  I was particularly interested in the way that women zombies and women zombie-fighters are both portrayed; there has been a distinct culture shift from women being simply helpless victims to active protagonists and heroines as the genre developed.

 From black and white trail-blazers to the shoestring budget films of the seventies and eighties, covering foreign language movies and the most modern Hollywood blockbuster movies with immense budgets and the full extent of digital technology/ CGI special effects, from vegan zombies to Nazi zombies and just about everything else one could imagine in between, ending with a comprehensive "filmography", there is something for everybody to with an interest in the genre to enjoy in this comprehensive book.

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