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Adaptogens In Medical Herbalism

Adaptogens In Medical Herbalism

By Donald R. Yance

Published by Healing Arts Press

September 15th, 2013

The author's extensive experience as a master medical herbalist has refined and honed his techniques and expertise, and this book is the fruit of his twenty five years of work and study.  He uses four main techniques to optimise healing: herbal formulations, carefully selected nutritional supplements, improved diet and encouraging a generally healthier lifestyle, including reducing stress.

The first part of the book covers metabolism and its effect on aging, the healing response, food and weight management, exercise, the role of the mind-body-spirit relationship  and specific body systems: bone health, the endocrine system, cardiovascular health, maintaining a healthy brain and the possible use of adaptogens in cancer treatments. 

Some herbs/supplements/foodstuffs are particularly suited to helping the  body to re-balance itself and these are known as adaptogens; they form the keystone of the book and just over sixty are extensively explored in individual monographs, along with their specific uses and dosages, in the second half of the book.

It is a large book, with 675 pages in the PDF version I reviewed, and there is a *lot* of science as well as many, many references to medical journal articles and studies. The book is clear and well-written but is probably not really suitable for the faint-hearted or total novice in this field unless he/she is prepared to do some serious study. Such study would be well worth the time and effort, however, and I will certainly be buying a hard copy for my own home library. 

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