Friday, May 23, 2014

A Tale Dark And Grimm

A Tale Dark & Grimm

By Adam Gidwitz

Published by a variety of publishers depending on edition, from 2010 onwards.

The title alone should give you a clue what sort of book this is. It is not a cute and fluffy, heavily edited and sanitised version of fairy stories suitable for reading to little children....oh no, indeed NOT.
This is filled with acerbic asides and commentaries which sound exactly as if they had come out of the mouth of an intelligent and sassy kid, and had me chuckling from the very first page.

The first story is "Faithful Johannes", which tells us about the ugly but faithful servant Johannes, who had served the old king who was grandfather to Hansel and Gretel, and how the new king came to meet and marry his beautiful wife. This is essential scene-setting for the bloodthirsty adventures which will befall the intrepid Hansel and Gretel as they rampage through the kingdom and the pages of this brilliantly clever book, the first in a trilogy.

The author, Adam Gidwitz, is an experienced former teacher and it shows. From the length of the stories, the clever asides and their suitably appealingly gruesome  yet child-suitable content, this is a book older children will love reading themselves and which parents will enjoy reading out loud to slightly younger children who are made of stern stuff. It won't appeal or be suitable for all children, but mine would have loved this when they were younger. Ideal for children around ten years old.

There is an extensive website, complete with videos, here.

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