Thursday, April 10, 2014



By Chris Ryan

Published by Random House, April 10th, 2014

Chris Ryan is well known for his adult SAS fiction and his remarkable autobiographical account of his mission in the Gulf War from which he barely escaped with his life; he is also a prolific writer of great young teenage fiction.

Raphael and Gabriella are expert agents, charged with teaching and training the orphaned fifteen year old Zak Darke for a classified government agency represented by the mysterious "Michael".

Zak has survived several perilous missions for which his cover as a teenager was necessary. Once more he is on a mission, this time to South Africa to see if his one-time friend turned enemy, Cruz Martinez - who had been presumed dead - is actually still alive and involved in drug smuggling.

What looks like a simple and straightforward reconnaissance of a toy shop goes badly wrong and Zak is captured by Cruz's gang, forcing Gabriella and Raphael to find Zak's computer hacker genius friend Malcolm in order to track down Zak and join in the chase for Martinez across the African rain-forests, encountering deadly hostile wildlife and confronting a dangerous gang of child soldiers as they do so.....

 Action-packed, exciting and a compelling read from start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed this as much as I enjoy Chris Ryan's adult fiction.

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