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Falling In Honey

Falling In Honey:

How a Tiny Greek Island Stole My Heart

By Jennifer Barclay

Published by Sourcebooks, March 4th, 2014

Jennifer Barclay studied classics at school and her love of Ancient Greek inspired several trips to Greece. When her life imploded after a particularly traumatic end to a relationship,  she swore off men and managed to finagle a working sabbatical in Greece. When she found the tiny island of Tilos, she had found a place where she could "be", and she slowly pulled herself and her life together while exploring the island and making friends. She found healing and peace on the island, and when she returned home again, her life was showing signs of settling down on an even keel once more.

 When she met a promising man named Matt who, as their relationship developed, was happy to relocate and set up business and home with her on her beloved Tilos, her happiness seemed almost complete. Sadly, her life once more reached crisis point when Matt was not what he seemed and her hope to settle down and start a family was dashed to the ground in the most unexpected way imaginable....but she picked herself up, dusted herself down and set off to make her home in Tilos just as she had planned anyway.

The descriptions of Tilos are lovely, and her experiences there are generally fun. How many people have stroked a living octopus, I wonder?   She swims, goes dancing, enjoys the food, the warmth, the flowers and the scenery, and paints an idyllic picture of life on the island. It is a pleasant and easy read and would be ideal for taking away on a holiday, but during parts of it I found myself wanting to give her a stern talking to.  She seems to be particularly unlucky in love and the lengthy introspections about her failed marriage and then two failed relationships did stretch my patience somewhat.

I do hope that a sequel will be able to describe her having a more settled and successful romantic life than hitherto!

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