Friday, February 14, 2014

Noble Conflict

Noble Conflict

By Malorie Blackman

Published by Random House, June 2013

Malorie Blackman is an incredibly popular author of teen fiction and writes consistently high-calibre books, always about thought-provoking topics.

This book does not disappoint; set in a world torn apart and virtually destroyed by nuclear war, young Kaspar Wilding is delighted to have completed his training to be a peace-keeping Guardian instead of spending his life working on his uncle's farm.

Sworn to protect the Capital City and its inhabitants from the violent rebels in The Badlands, he is convinced of the rightness of the civilised enclave in which he lives and works - after all, the Guardians do not kill the insurgent rebels, only stun them, no matter how violent the rebel attacks may have been -  until one day, he meets one of the despised rebels in the person of a girl named Rhea and his outlook on life changes completely.

Discovering that he has only ever been  made aware of part of the truth about the rebels and their cause, he is determined to find out the whole truth,  but even with a trusted group of friends to back him up, the talented young Guardian may well have bitten off far more than even he can chew.....

Gritty, fast-paced and action-packed, this certainly kept my attention!

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