Monday, January 13, 2014

The Long Road

The Long Road

By G. Michael Hopf

Published by Plume, 7th January 2014

This is the sequel to "The End" and continues the story of what happens to Gordon Van Zandt as he and his family leave their home to travel to Idaho in search of safety and a place to rebuild their lives after disaster strikes the USA.

This is a difficult book to read as it deals with the dreadful horrors which can befall a country which believes itself to be composed of civilised people when the veneer of civilisation is abruptly stripped away and people are shown to be primarily concerned with protecting their own interests and those of their families.

Gordon and his young son end up being captured by a cult who punish any infraction of their crazed leader's  arbitrary rules by brutal death; his brother Sebastian makes it back to the US and in his search for Gordon, falls in with a group of Mormon folk who nurse him back to health. With the President presumed dead, a new regime being brought into being by an ambitious drug cartel in Mexico and Barone, one of Gordon's Marine colleagues, being determined to oust manipulative politicians from power and set up a better America, the stage is set for  major conflicts....
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