Saturday, January 11, 2014

The End

The End:

A Postapocalyptic Novel

By G. Michael Hopf

Published Jan 7 2014 by Plume

G. Michael Hopf is an ex-Marine, using his extensive knowledge of military matters to craft a book which cleverly combines the devastation of a Super-EMP attack against the USA, the civilian life of Gordon Van Zandt, (an ex-Marine who had served in Iraq and was once used as a scapegoat for the Government and publicly vilified), his family in San Diego and Gordon's brother Sebastian who is a serving Marine in the horrors of Afghanistan.

The collapse of the world as they each know it is a harrowing and frightening story, and added to that is the story of the fortunes of the former Speaker of the US Government, precipitated into office when he survives the attack that killed both the President and Vice-President. Not everyone left in Strategic Command agrees with his opinions and policies and he faces enemies within the ranks of a military base as well as the unknown enemies who spear-headed the attack against the US.

Fast-paced, bloody and quite distressing in places, this is a seriously good read which follows the fortunes of those who are determined enough and knowledgeable enough to survive the horrors that surround them.

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