Thursday, January 16, 2014

Journey into the Heart of God

Journey into the Heart of God:

Living the Liturgical Year

By Philip H. Pfatteicher

Published by Oxford University Press, October 2013

The focus of this book is to examine the interlocking wheels of the turn of the day, the week, the seasons and the feasts and fasts of the Western church - especially those of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran churches.

Clear, succinct, with frequent references to the writings of the Church Fathers and the earliest known liturgical sources as well as those of more recent times, this book discusses the hymnology, prayers, liturgical celebrations and customs relating to the Church's Year and their importance and relevance to Christians today. Starting naturally with Advent, this book follows the full liturgical year right through to the Sundays in Ordinary Time.

This is a book of considerable depth; the colours used for vestments, the themes behind the Sunday readings, antiphons and prayers and the Jewish roots behind Christian worship and how much of the language of liturgical based prayer is directly or indirectly rooted firmly in the Bible are all covered in some detail and I learned a great deal from reading it.

 I found this to be one of those rare books which works equally well as an absorbing and enlightening read as well as a superb work of reference for those interested in the history and development of much of the liturgical tradition of the Western Christian churches.

 Definitely one to add to my library :-)

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