Friday, September 27, 2013

The Ultimate Jewish Cookbook!

The Artisan Jewish Deli  at Home

By Nick Zukin & Michael Zusman

Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing,

September 3rd, 2013

There are Jewish delicatessens throughout America and Europe, filled with enticing aromas and the promise of delicious food. This is a book giving a history of the traditional and modern Jewish deli, their owners and their patrons, as well as being a lavishly illustrated cookbook.

From knish to kreplach, kugel to kasha and kishke, detouring via latkes, tzimmes, Chinese broccoli, and so much more, this is a glorious culinary adventure encompassing the delights of Jewish delicatessen food drawn from cuisines across the world as well as traditional Jewish food.  I was delighted to find no fewer than  four very different Borscht recipes, many salad and dressing recipes as well as a whole chapter of breakfast ideas such as chocolate babka French toast, blintzes and fruit compotes, both sweet and sour cream cheese schmears as well as the traditional bagels, - this book just about has everything a cook could need to produce a truly delicious meal.

Whether you want to make absolutely everything yourself from scratch , including relishes, pickles and sauces or prefer to buy in some ready-made ingredients to save time, this book shows you how to make your own delicious Jewish deli food in your own home.  I may even take the plunge and have a go at making my own pastrami and some sourdough bagels….

Mouth-watering to read and much too fascinating to put down, this is another “must-have” book to add to my cookbook collection!
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