Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Rules Of Acting

The Rules Of Acting

By Michael Simkins

Published by Ebury Press, July 2013

I loved Michael Simkins' "Fatty Batter" which dealt with his lifelong obsession with the game of cricket, but this deals with his other life passion, acting.  I fully expected to enjoy this book, but I was not prepared to have my mind well and truly boggled!

There are very few books which have made me giggle, snigger or laugh hysterically on almost every page, but this is one of them. Covering the whole gamut of acting experiences, from auditions (how to prepare and dress for them) to wrap parties, this covers just about everything you could ever want to know about acting and actors, including some things perhaps one would prefer not to know. I shall just mutter darkly "Gloucester Old Spot pigs" and move quickly on :-)

For any aspiring actor, this should be compulsory reading; for those of us who have ever wondered how actors learn their lines, deal with stage fright or sex scenes, get into and survive drama school, find an agent and meet seriously famous people, every type of acting from panto to fringe, radio rep to audio books and how they survive the dreaded "resting" periods when no work offers itself - this book deals with it all........and more.

Buy it!

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