Sunday, August 11, 2013

Though Mountains Fall

Though Mountains Fall

By Dale Cramer

Published by Bethany House, January 2013

This is the third in the 'Daughters of Caleb Bender' series, and although I had only previously read the first book, I found it easy to catch up with events.

Action-packed, fast-paced and positively heart-rending in places are not phrases you would expect to spring to mind when referring to an Amish genre novel, but they are so appropriate for this book!

Set in Mexico in the 1920s, the new Amish settlement is growing apace with ten families farming, although life is as different from their original home on Ohio as it is possible to be. The natives can be hostile and life is sometimes both difficult and dangerous in their new home even though they have made some trusted friends and allies.

It is hard to maintain absolute pacificism when confronted with bandits who would be happy to kill or defile one's family as well as steal one's property, and the faith of the community has been sorely tested on more than one occasion and undoubtedly will continue to be tested. A bandit whom they managed to outwit  the previous year is bound on getting his revenge against both the Amish community and the native Domingo Zapara who works for Caleb Bender on his farm, and the turbulent local and national politics have to be dealt with as well.

Caleb and his family have to decide whether or not to continue to live in this part of Mexico, as they believe is God's will for them, and possibly risk losing everything, even their lives. Or should they return to the safety of Ohio, and spend the rest of their lives wondering if they had abandoned the path God intended them to follow?

I loved the first book and this was just as good.
I now need to track down Book Two :-)

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