Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shakespeare v Lovecraft

Shakespeare v Lovecraft: 
A Horror Comedy Mash-Up featuring Shakespeare's Characters and Lovecraft's Creatures

By D R O'Brien

Published by D R O'Brien, January 2013

No words of mine can do justice to this remarkably clever pastiche/parody mix of characters from H P Lovecraft's wonderful  horror stories and Shakespeare's plays. 

This is not a combination which would have sprung to my mind, but it works brilliantly well and I spent a considerable amount of time laughing immoderately. Based largely on The Tempest, it contains many of  the most notable characters from Shakespeare's plays, including Henry V, Sir Thomas More, Romeo & Juliet, Caliban and Lady Macbeth. Add to the mix the rise of Dagon and Cthulhu, and you have a very satisfying read indeed. 

I really don't want to spoil the plot of this short but very satisfying story, but I simply have to say that 
Lady Macbeth confronting Cthulhu is a clash of the titans and I was surprised at just who managed to wrest control over the dread Elder God in the end. 

Great fun, and I hope  there will be a sequel in due course......

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