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Parenting For Education

Parenting For Education:

Any Parent Can Teach Informally

Revised Edition

By Vivian Owens

Published by Eschar Publications, 15th June 2013

This book is a TREASURE and is chockablock full of great ideas and plans to help you learn how to help your child learn from infancy right through to when your child enters college.

This book does not aim to guilt-trip parents who work long hours - far from it. It acknowledges that many parents have to juggle their lives in a fast and furious fashion and aims to provide encouragement, help and advice on how best to work with a school to help your child succeed.

It starts with the absolute basics of how to parent and nurture children, which then lays the foundation for effective education to take place.  Babies in arms learn and benefit from being read to, looking at pictures and observing the world around them and it is important not to underestimate the value of actually spending some time really interacting with  them from a very young age.  What sorts of toys are truly valuable and encourage children? How can you introduce Math concepts into your everyday life so that children begin to learn without formally learning? The answers are in this book, along with so much more.

  All youngsters need to see that their parents are really interested in what they are learning and this is especially true even with older teenagers. Children certainly find it hard to learn in a chaotic home setting and Owens takes time to show what children actually need to maximise efficient and enjoyable learning. Obviously children gain  a great deal from a variety of settings and experiences and families can organise their own educational visits - enhancing education does not have to be expensive.

This is a great resource for making the very best use of educational opportunities that might arise at home or on holiday. It is also a great tool for problem-solving: if your child is struggling to cope with self-motivation, organisation or distractions when doing homework, there are ideas to help. What do you do if your child is having problems learning, is under-achieving at school or conversely, over-achieving? There are many strategies  in this book to assist you.

If you want to know how best to act as an advocate for your child with the school system , I strongly recommend getting a copy of this book. It is certainly something I  intend using with my children still at school.

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