Monday, August 05, 2013

Madhouse Cookbook

Madhouse Cookbook (UK edition)

By Jo Pratt

Watkins Publishing Ltd, February 2013

I know that I said this was going to be a parenting/education book review week but feeding your children and saving your sanity certainly comes under the category of parenting in my opinion!

Jo Pratt used to love leisurely cooking in her pre-children days. She still loves cooking but has had  to change how she cooks to fit in with the demands of a busy lifestyle with children. This is a really neat cookbook with a difference.

Divided into three main parts, it covers the need for fast, nutritious meals which are appealing to children and which can have an adult spin put on them for the adults' portions in "Monday to Friday Survival";  snacks, substantial breakfasts, family meals and Saturday night food for grown-ups are featured in "The Busy Weekend" and finally, "Cling On To Your Social Life", which is self-explanatory.

Need to get a meal on the table in 45 minutes to get kids to after-school activities? Sorted.
Need to rustle up a birthday cake or a last-minute request for cakes to take to school for a bake sale? Covered.
Healthy, delicious recipes that can easily be tweaked to suit adult/child/picky eaters tastes? Sorted.
Cook ahead and refrigerate/freeze for later recipes and ideas? Covered.
The recipes are fun to eat, easy to prepare from scratch  - with endless scope for variations - and do not involve large numbers of expensive ingredients. Baked filled baguettes, raspberry & marshmallow muffins, special chicken fried rice, Moroccan lamb stew, banana & peanut butter milkshake, baked fish in a bag, ricotta & courgette fritters, cheese fondue, smoked salmon, cream cheese and chive pasta, pea & tuna fishcakes with mayonnaise, mini naan bread pizzas......and so much more.

I absolutely love this cookbook and it is going to be one I use a great deal that's for sure.

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