Thursday, August 29, 2013

Imitating Mary

Imitating Mary:

Ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Mom

By Marge Fenelon

Published by Ave Maria Press, April 2013

Marge Fenelon is at pains to point out that being a Mom for the purposes of her book is certainly not restricted to being a biological Mom and that this book is aimed at all women who are in a position of nurturing others, whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

Motherhood is a calling, a vocation and not something to be looked down upon or trivialised. I was particularly taken by one comment in the book which keeps coming into my mind:
"I’ve observed quite a few women being tossed to and fro by a culture that’s trying to convince them that motherhood is either a commodity or an affliction.It only follows that if our culture doesn’t value motherhood, then it won’t value the mother either." So very true.

The Most Holy Mother of God  is the Mother par excellence, who has opened her heart and her love to all those who accept Christ as their Saviour. We can learn so very much from her, and this wonderful book outlines ten of her virtues which can be of inspiration to us and for us to aspire to imitate. Each chapter is devoted to exploring a virtue both in the biblical narrative and the mind and tradition of the Catholic Church, accompanied by Fenelon's own devotional thoughts and some points to ponder and discuss.

It certainly brought home to me that there was so much I did not taken on board when reading the Gospel accounts of the Annunciation and Visitation - I had no idea that when Our Lady went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, it involved a journey of seventy miles - that was no mean undertaking in those times!

Written in a fresh, lucid and respectful style, this lovely book looks at significant events in the life of the Mother of God and what we can learn from her example and the way she lived her life in total obedience and trust in God.  This book is firmly rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition but most of it would also be of enormous value to Christians of many other traditions, especially those of  Eastern Orthodox, Anglican and Episcopal Churches who hold Mary in veneration, respect and high regard.

This is a book I would certainly re-read often.

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