Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Culture Clash With A Vengeance...

 A Simple Song

By Melody Carlson

Published by Revell, June 2013

I cannot imagine a bigger culture clash than catapulting a young Amish girl into the media frenzy of a talent contest reality TV show, so this was a great plot-line.

I've read several of Melody Carlson's contemporary books and enjoyed them, so I was all primed to indulge myself in an enjoyable read, but at the end of the first chapter, my heart was in its boots. I do not know why, but I simply could not immerse myself in the Amish world depicted here in the beginning; I was really sad but decided to keep on reading anyway, curious to know more about Katrina's late Mammi with a very mysterious past history.

Perseverance paid off and as Katrina and Aunt Alma enter the hurly-burly that surrounds the production of the "American Star" TV show, I was soon utterly, utterly spellbound and stayed up very late to finish reading about how Katrina makes friends with some of the other contestants and struggles to be true to her Amish heritage and beliefs whilst having to do her very best to help her group of friends win through to each successive round of the contest.

This all rang very, very true and was totally believable; Katrina achieved what she set out to do - to help her family, make up her own mind about her future life and find out more about Mammi's past. Definitely one I will be reading again.

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