Thursday, July 25, 2013

Going Home: A Novel of Survival

Going Home: a Novel of Survival

By A. American

Published by Penguin/Plume, 24th July 2013

I do enjoy disaster/survival books, both fiction and non-fiction. This is probably the best fictional account of survival, action and adventure which I have read in a *very* long time.

What makes this book stand out from the crowd?  

Our hero, Morgan Carter, is a long-term prepper. His wife has only more recently come on board with the idea that preparing for the most likely eventualities would be a good idea. Morgan is working away from his well-equipped home when disaster strikes but  being a motivated and cautious prepper, he has a good selection of kit in the rucksack he always keeps in his car.  

He is 250 miles away from his home in Florida and he is bound and determined to get back home to his wife and children as quickly as he possibly can, fearful for their well-being and safety in what will certainly - and very shortly - become very troubled times indeed. Will he prepared to kill to ensure his own safety and that of the folk he meets? He avoids trouble as far as he can unless his conscience and common sense dictate otherwise, but he soon sees that yes, he would kill if he had to. He finds it hard to deal with emotionally and mentally, as one would expect, but he knows it is a case of him or them and he is determined it will not be him. 

This is a fascinating and gripping book, full of what-if scenarios which gave me food for thought. It is fast-paced with a lot of action occurring in the time it takes him to travel from Tallahassee to Lake County and he meets a wide variety of people, two of whom become travelling companions for a good part of the journey. The majority of  the characters are pretty well-drawn indeed. The bad guys get their just desserts which is always nice to read in a story and there is an enormous amount of survival information cleverly incorporated in the story, unlike some other survival novels which are either constantly moralising, preaching or clumsily giving almost text book chunks of information.

Did I enjoy it? Yes indeed!
Will I be really looking forward to reading  the sequel, Surviving Home ? For sure!

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Susie Hemingway said...

Sounds really worth a read from your good write-up. I do like books that move at a pace - bit like our lives really! I seem to be getting quite a list of books I must read. Thank you - I will add this one.