Thursday, July 11, 2013

Busy, Busy!

Sorry about the lamentable lack of posts; our very dear elderly friend and adopted family member, John, has been very unwell indeed and was admitted to hospital, so much of my time has been spent visiting him, phoning the hospital and fighting to get him the best care possible while he has been in the hospital.

Exhausting, stressful but so very rewarding when he is now in a rehabilitation ward and likely to be discharged home again next week, much to our delight.

DD4 is going on a school-run activity holiday next week, so we are gearing up for that and getting things packed. She's also been having swimming lessons and is making good progress  as well as having lots of fun. DD3 is struggling with the intense heat here, especially as their compulsory school uniform dictates that all the girls who wear skirts must also wear navy tights (nylons) which is not much fun when the temperatures are reaching 28C  and the school only has AC in four of the rooms, even though there are 1600 children there. The female staff, of course, can wear what they like and are not wearing tights in this heat. Thank goodness the school term is very nearly over and the girls will soon be able to just relax at home and stay cool.

Yesterday I had the joy of having DD2 and her wonderful boyfriend Rob send the day with us, along with my "grandpug", Bertie. We had a great day, chilling, chatting and enjoying the cool shade in the back garden and laughing at the tortoise trying to stalk Bertie...... before heading off to visit John in hospital in the evening.

Next week is likely to be the last Latin class until September, so I really am hoping I will be disciplined enough to do a little study every day and not forget  what has been so laboriously learnt these last few months!

I have a veritable mountain of books to review and an equally large heap of ironing, so I really should tackle the ironing while it is still cool here at 7 am...........
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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Busy, but it all sounds good!

elizabeth said...

Thanking God for the good things! love to you!