Thursday, June 20, 2013

The First 20 Minutes

The First 20 Minutes:
The surprising science of how we can exercise better, train smarter and live longer

By Gretchen Reynolds

Published by Icon Books, January 3rd, 2013

Sports Medicine and Sports Science are rapidly changing specialties and many of the traditional ideas about exercise and nutrition held dear by many trainers, athletes and the general population are actually very out of date and in some cases, woefully inaccurate.

Even more worryingly, some cherished beliefs can be lethal... a case in point is the obsession with constantly drinking water when running marathons.  This actually caused some deaths from hyponataemia whereas nobody was recorded as dying from dehydration during the same time period. A problem has been created where none previously existed - so how many other inaccuracies are there?

Should we be carbo-loading prior to exercise?
 Is the Atkins Diet bad for you?
How much fluid do you need to drink when exercising?
When - and for how long - should you exercise for the best possible effect?
How should you assess and alter your nutrition?

She answers all of these  questions and many more, and, most intriguingly of all, she tells us why chocolate milk should be your new best friend....

Gretchen Reynolds examines the current scientific knowledge and makes it easy to understand, easy to implement and even more importantly, she writes in a wonderfully engaging style which leads readers effortlessly deeper and deeper into the science without ever overwhelming, bombarding or patronising them. Humour abounds in this book, which considering its complex scientific underpinnings, is a remarkable achievement.

Even if you do not regard yourself as an athlete and just want to generally improve your lifestyle a little, this book is crammed full of information to help you achieve your goal effectively and efficiently, as well as being a thoroughly good read.

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1 comment:

Athanasia said...

I know drinking soda (caffeinated) as a way to hydrate is a no-no. It ended my daughter in the emergency room with dehydration.

I think we need to get back to the basics of weight management. Turn off the TV and place games in the backyard!