Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mishan's Garden

Mishan's Garden

By James Vollbracht

Illustrated by Janet Brooke

Wisdom Publications; due out October  15, 2013

A short but incredibly sweet book which tells the story of an innkeeper's daughter, Mishan, and her plan to plant a beautiful garden in an inhospitable mountainous climate.

Mishan is a rare soul who can see the good in everyone and knows instinctively how to say things which bring out the very best in them and encourage them to behave in ways far better than their usual behaviour.

Her influence in her small village is profound, and the reputation of the goodness of the village and its inhabitants spreads far and wide, all because of Mishan's loving heart, kind words and wonderful example to others.

Ostensibly a child's book, it has the capacity to touch the heart of everyone who reads it, and the lovely illustrations reinforce the story's powerful message.

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