Saturday, June 08, 2013

Kite Festival 2013

This was the view as we were walking up the hill to Margam Castle.

It was a shame that DD3 missed the Kite Festival this year as it coincided with her school trip to Italy, but we kept up the family tradition and took all four kites with us anyway :-)

There were all sorts of wonderful kites there!

Lots of exhibitors were camping there for the whole Bank Holiday long weekend.

We saw kites on the ground, then slowly lifting up.....

The wind was slight and unpredictable, with long periods where there was no breeze at all....

But then this grey elephant and giant football did get aloft!

They made our kites look miniscule in comparison.

We were very proud to get our kite up and flying, in the end :-)

The giant penguin was great.

I could have watched it all day...

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