Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Review - Real Men Pray The Rosary

Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer

By David N. Calvillo

Published by Ave Maria Press, May 2013

The Rosary is often depicted as being a Marian devotion best suited and most commonly practiced by old ladies or by families at funeral vigils, and it is precisely this attitude which the book aims to dispel.
 I did a quick poll of my own Catholic friends and although many of the ladies pray the Rosary regularly, fewer men said they do so on a regular basis  - although they may do so on "special occasions".

The author's own encounters and his changing attitude to the Rosary set the scene for the life stories of other men who have discovered the power of prayer and depth of this devotion. The history of the Rosary is given and resources about how to go about making a rosary as well as how to begin to pray it. 

Many people actually know very little about praying the Rosary, and the fact that the Mysteries are so very firmly grounded on Scripture and the living historic tradition of the Christian faith may be quite a surprise to the casual reader from a non-Rosary praying family.  The excerpts from the writings of saints and Popes about the Rosary are very interesting indeed and add extra weight to the case for Catholic men to adopt the devotion as part of their spiritual development. The Rosary can transform hearts and lives, it can be prayed anywhere and at any time, even if you do not have a physical rosary with you. You can pray along with audio recordings, watch rosary broadcasts on TV or on the internet, or pray using your fingers when out jogging as well as praying at home with family members or in church. The possibilities are immense!

Despite the title, this book is not just aimed at men. Much of what is written is applicable to any Catholic or Anglican with a sincere devotion to the Mother of God and a desire to grow in prayer, and I also know of Antiochian Western Rite Orthodox friends who gain great spiritual comfort and benefit from praying the Scriptural Rosary. 

It was fascinating to read about the movement which has grown up specifically to  bring the Rosary back to the notice of men, and this also now has a significant internet presence. I hope this book (and its internet equivalent) may find its way into many parishes and do much good.

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