Friday, March 08, 2013

Our Trip To London - Part One

Updated to add that the quotation (one of three) is on the wall of 21 Davies Street, London :-)

Monday 5th March saw us on the road to London.  We were sitting right at the front of the coach, and this was our first view of the approach to London.

The blue onion dome on the left is that of the Russian Orthodox  Church Abroad 's Cathedral in Chiswick.

We alighted at Victoria Coach Station, and it was only a very short walk on a crisp, sunny day to Buckingham Palace. Her Majesty The Queen had arrived there after being discharged home from hospital just a short while before and the flag was flying to show she was in residence.

She was being well guarded inside the Palace gates and outside them too.

The main gates are quite something to see.

Atop the gates are these regal lions, and some rather lovely lamps.

The tourists had abandoned the area for lunch, and it was very quiet.

I have no idea how this man  got in my picture; he must have been walking very quickly as he wasn't there when I focused the shot :-)  London is full of lovely architecture, often when you least expect it.

I wish I could remember where we saw this; I will check with Mrs DoomHamster and see if she remembers. "Where man obeys without being presumed good, there is neither liberty nor a native land."

We passed some exquisite and extremely expensive antique shops. In one of them was the above mosaic, and we are still trying to work out whether it is an authentic Roman mosaic or a modern joke :-)


This is the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of The Holy Family in Exile in Binney Street, almost opposite the super little Italian restaurant where we had a very late but wonderful lunch. The building work in the front of the cathedral made it impossible to access, sadly. 

Outside Selfridge's 

This made me chuckle.

President Eisenhower.

The American Embassy, Grosvenor Square, at twilight.  The eagle and the Stars & Stripes.  I was careful  not to photograph the armed guards patrolling the perimeter.

Part of the Berlin Wall, enshrined in the park outside the Embassy.

President Ronald Reagan

It was getting dark and President Roosevelt's statue did not photograph as well as I would have liked.

A nearby shop had a pair of elephants that were at least six feet tall.

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elizabeth said...

loved seeing these pictures... thank you!

Michelle M. said...

Fun! When we stayed in London a few years ago, we were within walking distance of Buckingham Palace :)

Stacey said...

Wonderful Photos!!! It looks liek you had a wonderful time!!!

Dave said...

The quote is on a building at the corner of Mount Row and Davies Street about halfway between Grosvenor Square and Berkeley Square.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Thank you, Dave! That was indeed the route we walked on our way to the hotel :-)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

We did indeed, Stacey! We were exhausted by the time we got home, though!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I do love London; this was the first time I had been there in 12 years!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You're most welcome, Elizabeth!