Friday, March 08, 2013

20,000 Days And Counting

20,000 Days And Counting
By Robert D. Smith

Published by Thomas Nelson

The author has always been very aware of the unpredictability and brevity of life, since a friend of his died at the age of  14 in a tragic accident. One day, Robert Smith calculated that he had lived for 20,000 days and did not feel he had achieved many of the things he still  very much wanted to do.

He decided to set out his goals, clearly and concisely, and look at how best to achieve them. His desire to encourage others to do the same, to makes the best use of the time we may have left to us on earth, led to the writing of this book. He is all too aware that we may be under pressure and have deadlines, so he has written a book that is designed to be read in under an hour and which cuts straight to the heart of the matter, focusing on the five basic facts as he sees them.

He encourages us to face the reality of death, to embrace it fully and to use it to spur us onto a closer relationship with God and with those around us and to keep our eyes fixed on eternity and where we hope to spend it. In an era where death is almost a taboo subject and people are fixated on trying to cheat death, this makes a refreshing change.

The lifespan in days of  famous people is interspersed, along with quotes and maxims, and this is a deceptively simple, useful and easy to read book which challenges the modern-day mindset of "me me me me" being the ultimate goal of life. Service to others is held up as a goal to be aimed for instead.

I found much to enjoy, ponder and reflect upon in this slim volume, and will certainly be reading it again.
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