Saturday, January 19, 2013


Well, we did get the promised snow, 
but nowhere near as much as was predicted. 
 It was enough to suspend the buses,
 close the local motorway and the schools,
  but it was wet snow, which  seemed to melt
 almost as quickly as it fell, 
and continued to do so all day. 

Rather earlier in the morning than  
I would have preferred to be awake.....

Looking through the window
 at the garden path....

The front garden again.

Out walking the Dog of Doom.

Walking through the village was fun.

 Artificial flowers in the churchyard provided
a splash of colour.

It fascinated me why the snow only
 partially obliterated the inscription on this gravestone.

I felt cold looking at this poor statue's bare toes!

It was a leaden grey sky, making the view 
very bleak indeed.

The preaching cross, with Our Lady and St John 
almost hidden by a covering of snow.

And by this stage, the Dog of Doom was fed up
 with having his walk interrupted by so
 many photo-stops, so off we went once more :-)

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Greenpatches said...

That's very brave of you, walking the dog of doom. Ours has had to be satisfied with the garden today, it's just too slippery out there and he pulls, I daren't risk it. Strange about the snow on the gravestones. I guess there must be some scientific explanation but blowed if I know what it is!

Greenpatches (Miffy SOF)

Michelle M. said...

Beautiful. We have not had snow here in KY yet (well, at least not while we have been here. It snowed a lot while we were in NY, where is also snowed).

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Today it was really very icy and I did not dare risk taking the DoD out as he also tends to pull. Even with my winter boots on, it was slippery. Take care, Miffy!

Greenpatches said...

Daughter is visiting NY this week. Knows the place well from a spell there as a student so I guess she knows to wrap up warmly!

Elizabeth - Yes, same problem with GP dog though our snow is nearly gone now. I was travelling earlier in the week however, which let me off dogwalking duties anyway.