Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Review - Candy Experiments

Candy Experiments

By Loralee Leavitt

Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing, January 2013

Well this book was a riotous success in our household ! Right at the beginning, it says: "You may think that candy is just a sugary snack. Think again. With candy, you can become a scientific detective. Test candy for secret ingredients. Peel the skin off candy corn, or float an “m” from M&M’s. Spread candy dyes into rainbows, or pour rainbow layers of colored water. Turn candy into crystals. Make enormous gummi snakes. Sink marshmallows, float taffy, or send soda spouting skyward. You can even make your own lightning. Just try candy experiments."

It definitely shows you how to do all this and more. There are loads of experiments to try out, all with the scientific underpinnings very clearly identified and explained in simple and accessible language.

I really found it fascinating - did you ever wonder why there is sometimes "bloom" on chocolate bars? Heating then cooling chocolate allows cocoa butter crystals to split , and sometimes they reform in an unstable formation and make their way to the surface of the chocolate, causing the characteristic spots and streaks to form.

  This book would certainly be of great use to any family choosing to home-school or wishing to supplement the science classes given in school with some seriously enjoyable, cheap and purposeful, practical yet safe experiments.

  You too can turn your kitchen into a laboratory and have an enormous amount of fun!
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