Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye, 2012

Our usual sadness on this date at the remembrance of the death of my dear step-father six years ago is increased by the loss of my mother.  2012 has been a stressful, distressing and unhealthy year, and I am all too ready and happy to draw a big black line underneath it and look forward to 2013 instead.

My heartfelt thanks to all my dear friends and family for the unfailing love, support and encouragement you have given me, and especially during this year.

May 2013 be a peaceful and blessed year for us all, and God bless us, every one!

On a happier note, today is our dear Prince Vasyl's 7th birthday, and we are so happy to have him in our lives. He may be a crazy Labrador, but he's OUR crazy Labrador and we love him dearly. Happy Birthday, Basil!

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DebD said...

you did have a difficult 2012. I hope you have much joy and many happy memories in 2013!

Michelle M. said...

I pray you will have a peaceful year with many blessings! And a happy birthday to Prince Vasyl!

Mimi said...

A blessed 2013, my dear friend. Memory Eternal, hugs.

elizabeth said...

some years are really hard; hoping for a better one for you! (((hugs)))