Friday, December 14, 2012


Goodness, the weather has changed dramatically! After almost a week of bitter, bitter cold, last night the rain set in and the temperatures have in theory risen, but the damp still has a penetratingly cold feel to it.

I've spent the day knitting and  toasting in front of the wood-burning stove, gazing at the torrential rain lashing against the windows. I did brave the elements - but only briefly - to run round to the post office to post Christmas cards. Almost all the Christmas gifts have been bought and /or delivered, and will be wrapped when the young ones are in school next week.

We've been watching seasonal cookery shows on TV and we were especially taken with Jamie Oliver's waffles and hot chocolate, thogh I don't think I fancy cooking them outdoors over a  camp fire !
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elizabeth said...

stay warm my friend!!! HUGS

margaret said...

I don't fancy doing anything outdoors at the moment!