Sunday, December 23, 2012

Book Review - A Hope Springs Christmas

A Hope Springs Christmas

by Patricia Davids

Published by Harlequin, 29th November 2012

This is the seventh book Patricia Davids has written about the fictional Amish community of Hope Springs. This book focuses on a young widow, Sarah Wyse, and a quiet and reserved bachelor, Levi Beachy, and his siblings.

Deprived of her usual employment at a shop, Sarah turns her attention to the current tenant of the buggy shop she and her late husband used to run, and which she still owns. Levi Beachy is a skilled craftsman but struggles with his dealings with his own family, customers and extended family. When Sarah erupts into his workshop and his life, he is initially overwhelmed. He has long had great affection for Sarah, and his promise to Sarah's dying husband to look out for Sarah's wellbeing has kept him in Hope Springs, despite his very real desire to leave the small town and move to one of the newer Amish settlements in Colorado.

Sarah decides that the shy and retiring Levi is hiding his light under a bushel and decides to try and matchmake for him with disastrous results. Add to the mix Levi's sister who is struggling to decide whether or not to marry her own beau, and his mischevous twin brothers, always playing tricks and pranks on everyone they meet, and the potential for mishaps and misundertandings is enormous.

Sarah's own deep fear that everyone she cares for most dies, and her awareness of her growing love for Levi leave her in turmoil. Have the twins gone a step too far, and will their actions one day cause the tragedy that Levi has worried about?

There is an immense amount of humour in this sweet book, which manages to remain lighthearted despite its often serious undercurrents, and I look forward to seeing what happens next to the other characters we've encountered in the course of this story.
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Mary Riches said...

Before Christmas, I read "A Christmas for Katie" by Shelley Shepard, which I think comes later in the seies than this book. It was a truly delightful read, and Katie is a truly delightful child. I enjoyed it so much it made me want to read all the others. So thanks for this, Sian.