Sunday, November 18, 2012

Book Review - Saint Francis of Asissi

 Saint Francis of Assisi
 by Demi
 Published by Wisdom Tales
 October 31st, 2012

Although this is an Eastern Orthodox blog and St Francis of Assisi is a RC Saint who was canonised post-Schism, I am mindful of the fact that I do actually have many Roman Catholic readers.

  I would like to draw this exquisitely written and illustrated book by the immensely gifted Demi to their attention.

The life of St Francis is deeply embedded in the Western world, even in this cynical age, and I was initially rather sceptical as to whether this book would add anything to the enormous amount of material already published about this perennially popular saint.  I am glad to say I was wrong to think so.

This small hardcover book  may be short in length, but it covers the life, deeds and legacy of St Francis in loving, beautifully written prose and superb full-colour  illustrations which grace every page. If I were a RC parent looking to choose just one book about St Francis for my children to read, enjoy and treasure, this would definitely be The One.
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Anonymous said...

Sian, love, I'm a Roman Catholic, as you know, and am also a fan of your blog. We come from the same roots, after all, so there should be great understanding between us, as well as that shared love of God. These two books sound exquisite and I will keep my eye open for them for my grandchildren. Mary Riches