Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book Review - His Love Endures Forever

His Love Endures Forever
By Beth Wiseman

Published by Thomas Nelson,
October 2012

I had every expectation of enjoying this book, having read and loved the first two in this series, but this one way surpassed my expectations and I am currently reading it for the fourth time :-)

 In this book, the normally harmonious relationships between the Amish and English families in Canaan  are disrupted when Danielle, Martha and Arnold's semi-adopted teenage daughter, falls pregnant by her Amish boyfriend who promptly abandons her and runs away from hs family too.

Danielle's best friend, Levi Dettweiler, steps up to the plate and offers to marry her, convinced that God is calling him to do this and to care for Danielle's baby as if it were his own child. Needless to say, his family are appalled at the prospect of the devout Levi abandoning his Amish faith and his mother Vera does everything she can to prevent the marriage taking place... her efforts are unsuccessful and we follow Danielle's attempts to come to terms with learning to be a wife when she does not know how to cook, clean or mend properly.

Both she and Levi are faced with an extremely steep learning curve as their lives change dramatically. Levi is outside the normality of his Amish community and Danielle is faced with living in a tumble-down house with no electricity.

Will they be able to overcome their initial difficulties and make a success of their very unconventional mixed marriage ? Will Vera ever accept Danielle as a true daughter-in-law? And what will happen when the baby's biological father turns up on the scene again part way through Danielle's medically complicated pregnancy? 

This was a true pleasure to read, following Danielle's breakneck journey from teenager to wife and mother in quick succession, and also her journey from being more or less agnostic to finding a growing faith in God, assisted by her loving husband Levi..
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