Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Review - Any Given Monday

Any Given Monday
by Dr James Andrews
Published by Simon & Schuster, Inc
Released on January 8th, 2013
This is a great reference book for parents whose children take part in competitive sports, or whose children train hard at sporting activities in general, for teenaged athletes and for those who coach sports.
There are many misconceptions about how injures happen, and  Dr Andrews has distilled the wisdom of his long and distinguished career in treating sports related orthopaedic problems to try to lessen the numbers of injured youngsters visiting his office every week.
Many people think that the younger  their children start a sport and train really hard at that sport, the better the chances of them succeeding.  In fact, the reverse is often true. Young children's bodies do not react to hard physical training in the way that older teenagers' or adults' bodies do, and once muscle mass is broken down as a result of over-exercise, it can be a long process to heal.
Injuries which an adult might dismiss as  minor can actually be extremely serious, and continued overuse of the injury can result in permanent damage by the time  medical help is sought. Some youngsters are on training schedules comparable to those of professional adult athletes, which is counter-productive at best and hazardous at worst.
Everyone wants  youngsters who show talent or interest in sport to reach their full potential, but there are pitfalls in most sports and Dr Andrews discusses twenty five different physical activities from cheerleading to basketball to wrestling and gives information on what warning signs to be aware of and what risk reducing measures can be taken to avoid incurring sport-related injuries.
A fascinating book, and well worth reading.
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