Sunday, November 18, 2012

Book Review - A King James Christmas

A King James Christmas

Biblical Selections with Illustrations from Around the World

Edited by Catherine Schuon & Michael Oren Fitzgerald
Published by Wisdom Tales
12th Octber, 2012
This is yet another truly delightful book from Wisdom Tales publishers.
 So many of the Christmas Story  books aimed at children are written in contemporary English of varying degrees of banality.
This hardcover book tells the traditional story of Christmas in excerpts from the King James Bible, carefully chosen and placed in chronological sequence to tell the familar tale as a seamless whole whilst still retaining the sonorous dignity and beauty of the traditional language.
 It is divided into three main sections: The birth of Christ, the childhood of Christ and the teachings of Christ, which include the Lord's Prayer and the Sermon on the Mount, making this an incredibly versatile and useful book for parents seeking to teach their child about Christ.
It is copiously illustrated; there are very modern paintings, including some by the co-editor Catherine Schuon depicting a variety of cultures  but there are many colour  reproductions of classic works of religious art by great artists such as Fra Angelico and Giotto, some Greek, Russian and Coptic icons and wonderful photographs of details from mediaeval illuminated manuscripts and stained glass windows from European churches as well. It is a feast for the eye as well as for the soul and the heart of the reader.
 It even comes with an illustrated  presentation page, where it can be recorded who gave the book to whom. I think this is a particularly nice touch and marks this out as a  special and thoughtful gift idea.
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margaret said...

I do like the cover illustration very much.

Michelle M. said...

Sounds lovely!